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Root Canal Therapy

As your family dentist of choice in St. Paul, MN, we at Family Tree Dental make it our goal to give you as healthy of a smile as possible. Through our wide array of efficient dental treatments, we can make sure that your teeth stay at their optimal condition. However, if you ever happen to have any teeth that are damaged or dying, we can provide our root canal therapy to save these teeth.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy, also sometimes referred to as endodontics, is a set of specialized procedures that are aimed at treating problems with the soft pulp tissue that’s inside a tooth. When an infection or inflammation develops in the pulp tissue, a root canal becomes necessary to save the tooth. Pulp tissue consists of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerve cells, making it no surprise why you feel pain if your pulp tissue is damaged.

When Is a Root Canal Needed?

You may need to undergo root canal therapy if you suffer from any of the following problems:

  • You have severe tooth pain when you’re chewing.
  • Your teeth are highly sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.
  • Your tooth pain wakes you up at night.
  • Your tooth darkens or becomes discolored.
  • You have swollen gums in the area of the infected tooth.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

Root canal therapy works by following these steps:

  • First, an opening will be made into the pump chamber through the crown of the tooth.
  • The infected or dying pulp will be removed from the tooth.
  • The tooth will then be thoroughly cleaned.
  • The tooth will be sealed with a filling or the tooth will have a crown placed over it.

Root canal therapy has a high rate of success and teeth that are saved through this treatment have been known to last for a lifetime.

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